EXPLANATORY MEETINGS About contract briefing session

申し込みを行うには、契約説明会への参加が必須となります。契約説明会へ参加希望の方は、下記フォームよりご連絡ください。DEMOLAプログラムでは、知的財産や秘密情報を取り扱うため、守秘義務契約等の契約が発生します。契約内容等の説明をいたしますので、DEMOLA HOKKAIDOに初めて参加される希望者は、エントリーと合わせて下記いずれかの説明会に必ず出席してください。この日時が難しいという方、まずはご連絡ください。

Participation in the contract briefing session is required to apply. If you participate in the contract briefing session, please contact us using the form below. The Demola program deals with intellectual property and confidential information, resulting in non-disclosure agreements and other contracts. We will explain the contents of the contract, so if you are interested in attending Demola Hokkaido for the first time, please be sure to attend one of the following briefing sessions together with your entry. If you have difficulty with the following dates, please contact us.


Date and time of contract briefing

2021/9/7(火) 12:00~ Web(zoom)
2021/9/15(水) 18:00~ Web(zoom)
2021/9/24(金)18:00~ Web(zoom)
2021/9/27(月) 18:00~ Web(zoom)
2021/9/28(火) 18:00~ Web(zoom)
2021/10/1(金) 13:00~ Web(zoom)
2021/10/5(火) 18:00~ Web(zoom)・・・追加開催
2021/10/6(水) 18:00~ Web(zoom)・・・追加開催
2021/10/8(金) 17:00~ Web (zoom)・・・追加開催

*参加を希望する方は、Zoom URLをお知らせいたしますので、下記フォームからご連絡ください。


2022_1st Batch 2022年4月頃開催予定

2021/9/7(Tue) 12:00- Web (zoom)
2021/9/15(Wed) 18:00- Web (zoom)
2021/9/24(Fri) 18:00- Web (zoom)
2021/9/27(Mon) 18:00- Web (zoom)
2021/9/28(Tue) 18:00- Web (zoom)
2021/10/1(Fri) 13:00- Web (zoom)
2021/10/5(Tue) 18:00~ Web(zoom)…Additional session
2021/10/6(Wed) 18:00~ Web(zoom)…Additional session
2021/10/8(Fri)  17:00~ Web(zoom)…Additional session

*If you would like to participate, please contact us using the form below to receive the Zoom URL.
Application form:

*Please contact us if you are unable to make the above schedule.

2022_1st Batch To be held around April 2022

説明会に参加 Participate in the briefing session

FOR STUDENTS エントリーを希望する学生の皆さん

FOR STUDENTS For students who want to enter


If you have already participated in the contract briefing session, Please apply directly from the entry site below. We welcome your challenge. If there are a large number of entries for each assignment, the selection will be based on the motives of the applicant, so it is recommended to enter for multiple assignments. If you wish to enter more than one proposal, please indicate your <1st choice etc.> in the "Reason for applying" column of each proposal.



Entry manual


We have prepared a manual that summarizes the entry method. There is also a description example, so please make use of it and enter.